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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dimension of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovative Thinking:
Through series of classes to train students embracing the innovative thinking and gradually internalize it to become innovative entrepreneurship. Since the generation is changing so rapidly, the competitors are no longer came from local land but from everywhere in global village. Under this highly competitive world, every one of us need to fully embrace the true value of innovation, and incubate our own entrepreneurship with hack spirit, which will lead us to an island of innovation.

Introduction to Entrepreneurial:
The course enable participant to realize the essential features of innovation via cases study. Various types of innovation cases are included, such as: technology innovation, service innovation and management innovation. We also plan to invites some successful constants to give participants talk and share their experiences, including the challenge and their resolving process. The real case study enables participants to understand the entrepreneurship and the steps to start a business. The participants are required to complete the case reading and a preview report is required in advance the class.We hopethat every participant can proposetheir opinion and persuade others colleges of their viewpoints.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship:
Managers must have excellent leadership skills in order to A start-up company has lots of challenges, such as: niche market located and brand diffusion. The course intends to encourage the participant to become an entrepreneur and handle with these challenges. A start-up company is different from well-developed one due to limited resources.Usually, to response customer’s requirement, the entrepreneur must take multiple criteria into consideration simultaneously. The course include three parts. Part I build students’ concept about innovation and entrepreneurship. Part II is about market identification. Part III is about marketing management of a start-up company. The efficient marketing activities enable business to approach customer’s requirement, to bring their customer product (or services) and get customer’s feedback. Also,the marketing management helps entrepreneur to reach their potentialinvestor to obtain more resources.