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Nature and Science

Dimension of Nature and Science

Logical Inference and Application:
The main purpose of studying "Logical Inference" is to help us obtain a kind of logical ability, by means of which we will be able to make right choices for our life. This courses covers at least the following topics:basic ideas in logic, thetruth table method, 18 basic rules of inference in the method of natural deductionin sentential logic, basic axiomatic systems in sentential logic, basic rules of inference in the method of natural deduction in quantificational logic, interpretations inquantificational logic, basic axiomatic systems in quantificational logic, meta-theorem in sentential logic, meta-theorem in quantificational logic, traditional syllogism, the fallacy theory, and the translationbetweennatural and formallanguage, etc.

General dicsussion of Life Science:
This course focuses on human life science and emphasizes the roles of medicine on improving the life quality of human beings. It also uses the point of view of integration traditional Chinese and western medicine to interpret how to prevent the aging of body and occurrence of cancers. This course alsofocuses on how to keep the body,mind and spirit in the best conditon in order to prevent the occurrence of human diseases. In addition,it deeply discusses the eseential etiology of human disease and teaches audiences how to enhance the body immunity and how to get rid of free radicals. The importance of meridian system of the human body and its relationships to human potentiality, body, mind spirit and diseses are also discussed.Life is marvelous. The completeness of life depends on the saisfaction of not only the material but also menetal and spiritual needs. Integration of the traditional Chinese and western medicine to improve the life quality of human beings is the main issue.

Ecology and Environmen-tal Protection:
Introduction to Ecology and Environmental Protection is a brand new issue of the 20th century; also, it is the biggest challenge of all human beings and our offspring.Because environmental protection is an international issue, everyone got to realize its importance and take some action. This lesson is designed to help students understand the connection between our ecological environment and our living condition, the environmental pollution problems and their classification, the environmental problems in Taiwan, and the solution to Taiwan's environmental problems afterthe situation introduction.