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History and Culture

Dimension of History and Culture

The History and Culture of Taiwan:
The island of Taiwan is located in the middle of the island arc of Southeastern and Northeastern Asia. Further, it is the intersection of the Asian continent and the Pacific Ocean.Since many different hnic groups have migrated in together, a multi-dimensional view of value-colorful in itself has thus been formed.This course will make a first-step introduction and discussion on the impact over the Taiwan society processed by the cultural mix of the Austronesians, the Christianity under the occupation of the Netherlands and Spain, the Hans, the Japanese and the modern civilization.

An Anthology of History Writings:
Since the study of the history has been in prosperity, a large number of historical texts have been newly translated and interpreted, thus gaining more importance. These texts can be categorized as classical volumes of history. There have been existent a lot of other written resources interesting and meaningful exhibiting the vivid image of the people,geography, folk stories and the transition of time available in history. This course focuses on these particular materials concerning the human history through the discussion of which, the history of mankind can be better understood.

Culture concept:
The main purpose of this course is to develop the cultural cultivation ofour technology majored students. Starting with the culture of our own land and extending to world-wide culture. The teachers would guide the students to explore the phenomena of the culture, and try to find out both the spirit and the material of the culture.Through the understanding of the worth and the tradition of the culture, the students might merge theculturalcultivation into their personal thinking.

Literary concept:
he main purpose of this course is to enrich the literary taste of ourtechnology majored students. The teachers would guide the students to explore the master pieces in the literary world, to know the different types of works with their development, and also the main writing theory in each period. Of course, the representative writers and their works would be introduced. During the course, regardless of the characters of western, east or ancient, modern literature, including poem, essay, novel and drama, would all be discussed. Through the internalization and reading the articles, the students might lay a foundation in the grand universal literary world.