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Aesthetics and Art

Aesthetics of living

"Aesthetics of living" will address the East-West cultural and aesthetic experience through series of questions that drive the discourse in contemporary life’s content and activities.Following the different lifestyles, social environment, human tries to reconstruct everyday life into contemporary aesthetics of living. This course aims to encourage students to think what isaesthetic of living, through the real life andspiritual life and concerned itself with the aesthetic problems in the lives of others.

Introduction to Art Theories

The focus of this course is the exploration of visual arts. Students will study the origin of art and the distinction among primitive art, folk and popular art. This course also provides students with visual elements, design principles, applied media material, and techniques including charcoal drawing, water-colored painting,oil painting, graphic art,compound material, sculpture, architecture, advertisement, packaging,fashion design, industrial design, and photography. Slide teaching is adopted to give students a comprehensive and general understanding on visual art in order to foster students to appreciate, study, and create art.

Introduction to Music

Through this course—Introduction to Music, students would have a general understanding of music, understand the elements of music, technical theory and cultural background, at the same time in the music aesthetic to explore the composition of the standard, through exploring the different historical periods of humanistic background, of understand for the time that the idea of music composing and the mpact of musical style development, as well as the development of music aesthetic concept of the evolution of the impact, based on discussing the development of music, the essence of art, and aesthetic meaning, to develop the concept of musical art, as well as a probe into the extension of aesthetic thought.